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God’s Magnifying Glass?

There are a lot of ways to think of our relationship to God: God’s creation, God’s child, God’s emanation, God’s effect. And each one gives a little different hue to this intimate, special relationship we each have with our tender Creator.

In several places, the Bible says to “magnify the Lord.” What is it like to be God’s magnifying glass? Now, a magnifying glass doesn’t actually make anything bigger. It just makes them appear bigger. In the same way, the Infinite can’t be made bigger. But in everything we do during a single day [or even an hour], we can make God’s nature more apparent: Her love, strength, purity, compassion, patience, humility.

Magnifying God is seeing/feeling/knowing/acting God’s qualities. As we magnify God, we feel God’s nature flowing through us in every little detail. We magnify God as Mind, expressing intelligence and understanding of others. Every time we act [or think] kindly towards someone else, we’re magnifying God as Love. Every artistic endeavor [like learning the guitar!] magnifies the creativity of Soul. We feel the guiding and governing laws of God keeping ourselves and others healthy and safe when we are magnifying God as Principle. We feel alive through every pore magnifying God as Life through our activities. The magnification of God as Spirit and Truth shows the true makeup of everything around us to be entirely spiritual, not the physical appearance it seems.

Are there some qualities of God that you feel you magnify pretty well? Good, keep it up! Are there other qualities that you feel a little short on or feel someone else is a little short on? Or perhaps there are some negative characteristics you see in yourself or in others? In all these cases, remember that it is light, not darkness, that magnifies. Know that it’s natural for all men and women to magnify all the different facets of God all at once, all the time – each in his or her own God-designed unique way. Step by step every bit of the appearance of darkness, evil, physicality, or sin in our lives will be blazed out under our magnification of God.

Think of all the different qualities of God; you and I are here to magnify each and every one of them. But it’s not a difficult job for us: God is doing the work – shining Her light through us! We are a lens through which God’s goodness can be better seen. Magnifying God brings healing and progress to light in all aspects of our lives, and in the lives of others. We’ve got a lot of magnifying to do, and God is helping us do it! So let’s get going and “magnify the Lord” today!


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