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Like Riding a Bike

My first bike was on an old stingray that didn’t have a seat, so we put a pillow on the seat stem. I grew up out in the country with steep, bumpy dirt roads that were not friendly to little kids on bikes. However, we did have a concrete strip by the house which showed some forgiveness to me, the beginner.

At times, healing can be a little like riding a bike. Riding on that concrete pad in front of our house, I learned how to balance, pedal, and steer. But I wasn’t aware of all the mechanics and physics that were keeping me up. Similarly, as we pray specifically for some healing, we come to better understand the goodness, power, and everywhereness of God. And that brings a solution to whatever is ailing us. But we don’t have to know all there is about God to bring about healing. A little change in thought can bring healing – one fresh insight into the nature of God, Spirit, and of Spirit’s awesome creation.

If I had read all about bike riding, including the mechanics and physics involved, but had never actually gotten on a bike, it wouldn’t have done me much good. Similarly, if we just read and study about God and how to become better healers, but don’t actually put it into practice, it doesn’t do us – or anyone else – much good.

Christian Science is not just a philosophy with some nice thoughts about a God of Love and what that means for God’s creation. Christian Science is based on the words and works of Christ Jesus. We can depend on it to be a practical science, with consistent and observable results. Many depend on the law of God’s love for all of its creation to keep them safe and well. And they trust in prayer to bring them through difficult situations and to bring joy to their days


As we dedicate ourselves to study and pray with this system, we can’t help but put it into practice. And, as we go about our daily activities, we can’t help but get a clearer perspective into what is really going on right here in God’s kingdom of good. And, like riding a bike, that brings greater freedom, harmony, and joy into our lives and into the lives of others.


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