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Staying Safe in this Pandemic

As many of you know, those who study Christian Science often depend on prayer alone for healing, including healing from the effects of contagious diseases. If you want to see examples of healing, you can check out the website

Right now, many are waiting for the vaccine to end the pandemic. But as the track record of over 150 years of healing through Christian Science shows, we don’t have to wait to feel safe.

We also don’t need to be afraid of a vaccine either. If we feel we need to take the vaccine in order to travel, or for work, or for whatever reason, we can depend on the allness and goodness of God to keep us safe.

Earlier this year, I visited a couple of family members overnight. One of them wasn’t feeling well at the time. After getting back home for a couple of days, they texted me that one of them had taken a covid test and tested positive. The first thing I did was pray to better see that everyone is included in God’s goodness. The concept of ‘transmission’ came to me. Since God is the only Cause, everything that is transmitted must be from God and must be entirely good.

I immediately called up the two other couples that I had come into contact with to let them know, and I self-quarantined for two weeks. I wouldn’t say that it was always easy. With fear and symptoms being all over the media, it was sometimes hard to keep out that fear. Sometimes thoughts would come in to say ‘maybe there’s this or that symptom'. But I continued knowing that nothing but God’s goodness could exist. I knew this not only for me but also for my family members and the others whom I’d been in contact with. And then I knew this truth for the world.

I stayed healthy throughout that time, as did those whom I had come in contact with. Family members got mild symptoms, but they are now completely well. Through this, I saw a consistent relationship between what thoughts I held to and how things unfolded. There is a relationship between praying in Christian Science and staying healthy and safe.


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