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"What if you could have financial peace of mind?"

Yesterday, scrolling through my email, I saw this from a local bank, "What if you could have financial peace of mind?" I immediately thought, "Yes, I'd like that!" However, my sense of having financial peace of mind might be a little different from what the bank had in mind.

But, of course. Wouldn't we all like peace of mind, and in every aspect of our lives? What if we could have peace of mind regarding our health, our relationships, our employment, or our business? And wouldn't we all like peace of mind regarding other things, too? For instance, it may be peace of mind concerning the direction of the world or the ways our country and local governments are heading. And what about other institutions like local organizations, schools, and churches?

To me, peace of mind doesn't necessarily mean that all is perfect and we can just sit back in our easy chair. It can be a call to action. It can be based on the hope that what we think and do can have an impact on many things in our lives.

Yet there are often things in life that may seem too big. They can appear out of our control and can make us feel helpless, demoralized, and hopeless. There are certainly times when I have felt this way.

But gaining true peace of mind must be rooted in something more than human effort; in something deeper than the surface view of things; in something bigger than anything with limits. And that 'something' is God, as infinite Love.

I often think, "If I truly believe that God, infinite Love, is all-powerful and always present, and knows me and all of my needs, what could I possibly fear?" Jesus Christ overcame obstacles for himself and others that must have appeared to be insurmountable at the time. Jesus could do this because he recognized the nature of this all-loving God.

The ideas in the Bible, along with Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, can give us a better sense of the nature of this God that is all good; this all-loving God who is in charge of everything in our lives. This gives us the confidence and peace of mind that we may be looking for. And we all can feel this peace. We deserve nothing less!


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