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Breaking Out of Old Patterns of Thinking

I like to get out on little walks and runs. I often go out and back on a nice, wooded trail. The other day, as I was going through one densely wooded area, I realized that I was ducking my head a little bit. Why? There were no overhanging branches that I would have hit. Then I remembered that there used to be a couple of branches there that made me duck while passing that area. So I had been conditioned to duck.

Sometimes we hold on to past thoughts and opinions without even realizing it – both of ourselves and of others. But often there are times of opportunity to take fresh views. For example, every morning is a new opportunity to see things new and fresh. With the rhetoric of campaigns and elections now over, this is now an opportunity to take fresh views of other political perspectives and especially to do this for those who hold differing opinions.

Let’s make that effort to break out of old patterns. Let’s look at ourselves and others with fresh eyes. Let’s view ourselves and others from a more Godlike perspective in order to get a clearer picture of who we all really are. Let’s break out of those old patterns and see the good, rather than the bad, in ourselves and in others. In this way, we will be doing our part in helping heal the divisiveness and polarization that we may see going on around us.


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