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Certainty in Uncertain Times

People around the world are hungering for security and stability in what seems like such an unstable time. The world has been hit with a pandemic the likes of which hasn’t been seen in our lifetimes, causing insecurities in all aspects of people’s lives: fear for their health and safety, lack of job opportunity, questions of how our children will get an education, of how we’re going to be able to pay our bills.

This uncertainty and fear has affected the mental and physical health of many. People are struggling with a sense of isolation, fear of the unknown, feeling trapped and cut off from a lot of what brings fulness and richness to life.

But as heart-wrenching and difficult as these COVID times are for so many, uncertainty is not new to mankind. Nor is it inevitable. During the long time period of the Bible, there were floods, fires, plagues, and wars. And the theme of the Bible is that people found not just hope, but actual deliverance from these and all sorts of other troubles when they turned to God.

A key to gaining more certainty in our lives is to get a better understanding of who/what God is. The Bible’s sense of God develops throughout its pages – from more of a tribal God to God as Spirit, Truth and Love, as Jesus taught. And Jesus’ healings showed God’s dependable love and care for everyone.

Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, is invaluable in helping us get a better sense of God and of how we can depend on God even when things get scary. It develops this view of a loving, caring God that we find in the Bible. It shows how we can feel more confident in God’s consistent, tangible care for us no matter what challenges come to us.

The promise of the Bible is that God will always take care of us. And when we’re feeling uncertain about how some things are going to shake out in our lives, we can grab a Bible, along with Science and Health, and start reading even a little about how God has helped those in the past, and how God, Love, will continue to take care of all of Her offspring – all of us.

As we do this, we might find that we feel better and get better all of a sudden. But more often it’s a bit of a process. Gradually, as we let go of the scary predictions and fears, and as we let in the promise of God’s unconditional love for us, we’ll see evidences in our lives of the certainty of God’s tender care for us and for those around us.


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