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Cleaning out all the old gasoline

The lawn needed mowin’. It had been awhile since I’d mowed, and I thought I’d better start with a full tank of gasoline. I ran down to the gas station and bought some new gas.

I came back, filled the tank. Pulled and pulled. No luck. Checked the plug. Pulled some more. Still a no-go. Then it came to me to shake the mower to mix the new gas into the old gas. I pulled and it started right up!

[And no, this isn’t a mechanic tip section. I wouldn’t be the one to do that. :)] But this incident did get me thinking. When dealing with old gasoline in an engine, the best method is to drain out all the old gas before refueling. It’s kind of the same with our thoughts – we need to get rid of our old thoughts to allow room for the new. The purpose of prayer is to give us new thoughts. It’s those fresh ways of looking at God as Spirit, Love and Life – and of our connection to God – that bring about healing. The old, wrong thoughts are what is causing the problem. Just like bad gasoline, why keep those around?

So get rid of those old thoughts! Pour out those thoughts that say your true being is physically-based, and replace them with the fact that you are Spirit-based. Pour out thoughts of fear, anger, hatred, illness. Pour in thoughts that you are the evidence of God’s love, intelligence, beauty, and activity right now. Then watch as those new thoughts bring transformation and healing to your life!


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